A Professional Society for the Advancement of Strategic Management

The Strategic Management Society (SMS) is unique in bringing together the worlds of reflective practice and thoughtful scholarship. The Society focuses on the development and dissemination of insights on the strategic management process, as well as on fostering contacts and interchange around the world.

The SMS is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization incorporated under the Indiana Nonprofit Corporation Act. The Society operates exclusively for charitable, scientific, and educational purposes to promote and encourage superior research and practice in the field of strategic management. The activities include, among others, the publication of academic journals, the cooperation and interchange of ideas among academics, business practitioners, and consultants through conference events, the acknowledgement of achievement and scholarly excellence through an awards program, as well as the establishment of high ethical standards in the conduct of business.

The SMS is membership-based and was founded at an inaugural meeting in London in 1981. Today, it enjoys the support of some 3,000 members representing over 1,200 institutions and companies in over 80 countries. Our activities are made possible through the dedicated support from hundreds of individuals who take on responsibilities, volunteering their time and expertise. The work is coordinated by a small professional office hosted by the University of Illinois at Chicago.

The organization is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of 14 members. The membership annually elects three directors-at-large for three year terms. Every other year, the membership also elects a new President Elect for a two year term. After the conclusion of the term as President Elect, this individual becomes President for the following two years, and then Past President for another two year term. The Board appoints a Treasurer and an Executive Director for terms of three years. Much more information can be found in the governing documents, the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws.

To act as a catalyst for building and disseminating new ideas in research, practice and teaching around a set of core issues in strategic management, the SMS also has Interest Groups (IGs). Each IG recognizes a major, individual stream of practice and research interest, and intends to serve the needs of members with special interests in this stream of work. Members of the SMS can elect to join up to two IGs of their choice, additional ones for a nominal fee. The IG leadership is elected each year by those who are members of the Interest Groups. The IG leadership is comprised of the Chairperson, Program Chair, Associate Program Chair and six Representatives-at-large. After one year of service, the Associate Program Chair automatically becomes the Program Chair, and continues as the Chairperson the year following, for a full three year term. The six Representatives-at-large are elected for two year terms. Their terms are staggered so that three representatives-at-large are elected each year. Read the Interest Group Guidelines to learn more.

We appreciate and are interested in anyone who wants to make a contribution to the field through membership or participation in the various activities of the SMS.

Strategic Management Society

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